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Deni North Curriculum Policies

Curriculum policies at Deniliquin North Public school include best teaching practices and are referenced to DET curriculum policies.
Curriculum Policies at North fall into 3 categories:
                                                         1.School-based policies available in digital format
                                                         2.School-based policies not available in digital format
                                                         3.DET Curriculum Policies


School-based curriculum policies that are digitally available can be downloaded in their entirety by clicking on the link below.

Spelling Policy 2016 (pdf 3284 KB)

Grammar & Punctuation 2012 (pdf, 453 KB)




School-based curriculum policies not available in digital format, are represented below as a scanned sample page or pages only. They are only available, in their entirety, as hard copies.


Handwriting sample-2005 (pdf, 1627 KB)

HSIE Unit sample-2011 (pdf, 383 KB)

Library Skills sample-2010 (pdf, 82 KB)

Mathematics sample-2004 (pdf, 1538 KB)

Science Unit sample-2011 (pdf, 341 KB)

Writing Text Types sample-2003 (pdf, 483 KB)



DET curriculum policies are used for: PE, PD/Health, Sport, Reading (English), Drama (English), Talking and Listening (English), Computers and Technology, Creative Arts, Child Protection (PD/Health), Drug Education (PD/Health). These may be accessed by clicking on the link below.

DET Curriculum Policies