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Tales 4 Me-2012



I was getting ready to go to school as a clown when I had a giant brainwave, and I mean, a giant one. I went and got my pet elephant and off we went, walking down the street. That's when I saw Leroy Brown, the  baddest kid in town. I had a great idea, to get my elephant to walk to Leroy's birdbath, so I turned my elephant around, and woooooooo!-All over Leroy Brown!

When I got to school, I went right over to the classroom and yelled,"Oi! Mr Frabagas! Where do I park this?"

Without looking, he replied,"just out the front!"

So I did, right on top of his car roof.

"Ooooh! That's a good one, old boy!" I said to my pet elephant.

"Ooooh! That stinks!" said all my mates.

"Hey!" I said,"there is a circus across the road! Let's go!"

"Oh! Thank goodness you're here!" said a large man in a top hat. "You are a wondrous clown!"

"Hold on!" I said. "I'm no wondrous clown!" But it was too late.

The man in the top hat made me jump fire rings, do acrobatic tricks, go in the den with the lions, lift weights heavier than a jumbo jet, and even, stand at a wall, blindfolded, while they threw knives at me.

After that, I swore that I would never-ever play a joke on anyone ever again…..Well, maybe!

By Sophie Stringer


It was dress up day. The biggest day ever and I was going as a clown! I felt so nervous, my fake hair went kinda wet. I could hear people screaming, "Bozo! Bozo! Bozo! "

On the way to school, I saw one of my mates. "Hey! What's that?"I said.

"What?"he asked.

I pulled out a coin."Wala!" I said."Magic!"

 Just then, I saw a tent, so I went in. Inside the tent I saw clowns and lots of people. As soon as they saw me, the people screamed,"Bozo!"

I saw a unicycle. I had an idea. I hopped on. The clowns got jealous. One said, "Lets wreck his party!"

They hopped in the mini-car and a clown said," now, I'm going to make you disappear!"

They started coming towards me. I squirted water at them with my flower.

"Noooo!!"I checked in my pocket. Oh no!  The only thing I had left was the endless rope trick.

"Aaaah! This is not good at all !"

My eyes flashed before my mind could react.

"Oh! I don't feel so good!"

Suddenly, I heard, "Beep! Beep!"

And the next thing I noticed I was in hospital.

"Honey, you are alright?"a mysterious voice said.

My vision went blurry.

"Mum? …Dad?"I asked.

My career was over. No more clowning around for me. I wanna go home.

.By Oscar Erard-Farmer



Honk! I blew my clown trumpet into what looked like a hippopotamus' ear. Sophie turned around and jumped back. She didn't like clowns. "Hi!" I said.

Then, a humongous bumble-bee came over. It was Tess. I roared with laughter. She looked ridiculous.

Tess, Sophie and I walked around until we found Lillie. She was dressed as an orange. We said hello, and looked at some of the costumes. They were really good. I went on all day, doing random tricks like putting a thumb tack on Mr Hogan's chair and  putting a whoopee cushion on Tess' seat.   I brought a bottle of tomato sauce to school and had it all around my face and hands. "Now, I will eat you!" I said in a fake growl to Lillie.

Suddenly a rough hand grasped my shoulder. I looked around to see a terrifying mob of scary clowns.

"Great! Just what we need!" said the largest of the clowns. "A murderous, chainsaw clown for our circus!"

Excerpt By Emma McCallum


When I left home I got on my unicycle and just then, I saw a circus truck, so I honked my clown nose and the truck pulled over. The guy driving the truck said, "do you want to join the circus?"

I said, "yes please! When do you want to see me?"

The guy said, "four o'clock this afternoon!"

"Okay!" I said, and then I set off to school.

When I got to school I went to the principal, Mr Hogan's office and put a button that sets off stink bombs inside a whoopee cushion on his  chair. He sat on it and the stink bomb exploded.

The whole school heard it. Everyone hoped that Mr Hogan had put a bomb on everyone's homework sheets. And the kids all got excited.

Excerpt By Alex Rose



I was out at Emma's house for the day and we were out at a tree when Emma started eating leaves. "Mmmm! Yum!" she said." You should try some!" So I did.

Then, in an instant flash, I was sitting on a leaf. I was a tiny, little, wriggly worm.

"Oh no!" I yelled. Emma was about to eat the leaf and I was on it. What could I do? -Nothing!

She put me in her mouth and started chewing. I went down her throat, like it was a big, slippery slide. She started to cough and then out I came….

Excerpt by Sophie Stringer


Squirt! I had been hit, full in the face, with a water pistol, or so I thought.

I woke up in the middle of Antarctica. It was freezing!

I walked on and a horrible stench reached my nose.

Up ahead, there was a dead seal and a pack of wolves were patrolling it.

Suddenly, they started chasing me. I wasn't looking where I was going and I fell down a huge hole in the ice. I was falling, falling, falling and I suddenly woke up. It was just a dream.

By Emma McCallum