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Six Picks (Grade 6)

       My Book        

My book-So exciting

Tempting me to turn the page,

And never stop.

My gateway to a special world,

Where I am the greatest warrior.

It begs me to continue reading,

Until I'm tired or finished.

Special and understanding-my friend.

                By Amelia McCrabb




In the pitch, black night,

Trees whispering secrets to one another,

I hear a monster growling.

I turn,

And see nothing, but the cold, unforgiving blackness.

I try to run,

But my legs are frozen beneath me.

Terrified! -Afraid to make a sound.

     By Edwina Arthur




On the basketball court,

People playing, shooting hoops,

Crowd roaring, ball bouncing up and down,

Blood pumping through my body.

                         By Jayme Glanvill




I'm creeping around the barn,

Chooks flapping, dust finally settling,

A snake hissing, about to attack,

I turn!

Its right behind me,

Disbelief!-My feet shaking.

                    By John Allitt



A Journey Through Metaphor Land    

There is a winding path snaking through the forest. The path is a thousand year old tree, with long branches reaching out to grasp anything in its way. You are a squirrel blindly climbing up the tree.

You walk on and find yourself facing a rapid flowing stream. The rippled water is the sharp blade of a sword, swiftly cutting through the leaves and twigs that make the fatal mistake of falling in its path.

After trying to find a way to get across the treacherous river- you strike it lucky, and find a bridge. The bridge is a domino which has suffered a hit leaving it unable to pick itself back up again.

You keep traveling until you find a misty waterfall. The waterfall is a river of rain crashing down on the rocks at the bottom. You stop for a moment to watch the finale of waterworks and then continue on with your expedition.

By this point in your journey you are hot and sweaty. You come to a meadow of velvety grass which by the very sight of it tempts you to lie down. The grass is a spiky hedgehog. Although you find some soft bits between the spikes, the vast majority of it is prickly and uncomfortable. You get up quite irritated and travel on.

You reach a beach where there is nothing but sand. The sand is a million tiny white crabs biting at your toes although they are so small that you don't feel pain but a slight tickle.

Stretching out further than the sand is the sapphire blue sea. The sea is a ball-room full of couples dancing, gently swaying back and forth to the rhythm of the music.

Above the sea, is the sun setting in the evening. The sun is the twinkle of an eye. It is slowly dimming just as the eyelid flutters. Your journey has come to an end.

Edwina Arthur (5/6S)


        A Walk by the Sea

The sand is a hot oven,

Cooking my little piggies to death.

The sea is a wet crystal,

Crashing onto the rocks.

The sun is a fiery golf ball,

And the stars are ready to tee off.

                   By John Allitt


         The Sun  

The sun is a big bonfire,

Drowning in the sea,

At sunset.

By Emma Lumber



The path is a twisty ribbon in the wind,

Floating towards the moonlight.

The bubbly water is a hovering rock,

About to explode.

The waterfall is a shower of nature.

The grass is a million tiny people,

With pointy hats working as one to survive.

The beach is thousands of tiny rock people,

Scrambling to the water's edge.

The sea is a mirror reflecting the pure beauty,

That surrounds us.

The sun is a holy light,

Guiding us to the right path.

By Darcy Barnes   5/6S



Hoges The Tub Monster


"MUUUMMMM!!!! HOGES FELL ASLEEP IN THE BATHTUB AGAIN!!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs!

*Oh my gosh! How many times a week does he have to fall asleep in OUR bathtub in OUR house, at OUR linen parties?!?!?!* I thought to myself.

Mum ran upstairs with Hoges' linen order in her hands.

"Quick, get a stick, or a bucket of water, or something, just to wake him up!" exclaimed mum hurriedly.

I ran downstairs and into the garden as quick as I could and grabbed a stick, the cow prodder from out of the shed, and a bucket of slime, out of the cows trough! Then I ran back up stairs to see what would work first!

First I poked him with the stick a couple of times, then I poured the bucket of slime all over him, but that didn't work either! So, I picked up the cow prodder, without the slightest bit of hesitation. I turned up the dial to ‘full shock' and hit him with my best shot!

"That is sure to stop him from falling asleep in the bathtub again..." I laughed to myself and mum!

"AAAARRRRGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!" bellowed Hoges.

Then he picked his slimy self up, and went home... (Without his linen order! AGAIN!)

By Jane Napier





                        Balloon Boy

Larry is blowing up like a balloon because he was so hungry he ate an exercise ball and while he was eating it, it exploded and all the air went into his mouth and made him go very fat.

 Larry was running to the toilet when he heard a little squeal. He didn't realise it was coming from his stomach. He thought it was just a little bit of air still flowing around in his body from the exercise ball.

When Larry got out of the toilet he heard the noise again. He just kept on ignoring it until it got louder, but then he realised it was a talking bug, so he quickly ran back into the toilets and tried to get the bug out.

After trying for an hour or more he finally got all the air out of his system and saved the bug.

So Larry lived happily ever after.

By Dylan Thompson


The Super Sucker

"Remember honey, don't turn on the Super Sucker! Don't answer the phone! Don't use the phone, OK!"

"Yes mummy!" I answer as angelically as I can.

She walks out the door, hops in the car and races off to work.

I race like the wind to the Super Sucker, jumping up and down like a monkey. I turn it on. VROOM!! It starts sucking up everything and then it hits my bottom. It starts to suck at my bottom. I find myself slipping into the Super Sucker…..

Excerpt from Eliza Warren

                                  Robot Instructions 

1. Catch that annoying mouse from under the kitchen table with your super speed.

2. Spray the garden with the hose. Forget water restrictions! You can conjure water out of thin air.

3. Dig a hole in the back yard with your marvelous metal detector and find the family treasure that Great, Great, Great Uncle Esther hid but forgot where he put it.

By Edwina Arthur