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Tales for Free 2016


Crash! Glass was smashing everywhere. I was in my bedroom watching a scary movie. I tried to open the door, but it was stuck. I pushed hard and it slowly crept open. I couldn't speak. I was frozen on the spot.

All the lights went out in my room. My TV started to make cracking sounds. I felt trapped; locked in my little, box room.

Suddenly, something spoke, "hello my dear friend."

I flicked the light on and I saw a face. Oh my God! What an ugly face! It looked like it was burnt and smelt like rotten eggs. It spoke to me again. I was still frozen….

By Tyler Wilson (3/4H)



One Halloween, Scout and I were in my lounge room when we heard a knock on the door. Well, it wasn't a knock-it was sort of a nudge.

Scout was making spooky noises. She was always trying to make everything scary. Scout said, "do you think it is the Halloween hound?"

"There is only one way to find out," I replied. "But, you're opening the door!"

We opened the door together. A fluffy dog was outside. I said, "owwww! It's so cute. I want to reach down and touch it!"

"Don't!" said Scout…..

By Chloe Manzin (3/4H)



I was in the Himalayas with my friends. It was really cold. My friends' names were Robbie, Jack and Chris. I heard a roar. I didn't know what it was.

Robbie said, "it could be the abominable snowman!"

Chris said, "it could be a farting donkey."

Jack said, "what would a donkey be doing out here?"

So, I said, "you're both wrong, I think."

"Do you want to check out what it is?" said Robbie.

"Sure!" said Chris and Jack agreed, so, I basically had to agree as well.

It took quite a while to get to the place where the roar came from. Surprisingly, it was a cave. Robbie was right. An abominable snowman was in the cave. Everyone was frightened.

Luckily, there was a ranger 2 miles away. Robbie called the Ranger.

The Ranger came. He had a Taser. He zapped the big angry snowman and threw the snowman into a cage…

By Harley Hicks (2/3W)

                                                              baby 2


One day, my friend came over and we bounced on the trampoline.

Later, we went back inside, but we forgot to close the door, and a very annoying baby crawled in. We thought it was cute at first. But, when it got to the bathroom, there was trouble. The baby flooded the whole bathroom, using the shower and the toilet. Why did he do it?

I told my family, and they were angry. I went to the bathroom to find him. The baby wasn't there. Where did he go?...

Excerpt by Brodie Barlow (3/4H)


                          ONE STORMY NIGHT

It was a very stormy night. Weirdly, it was actually summer. My friend, Matilda was at my house for a month because her parents were on a romantic getaway; which is good, because we're technically having a sleepover for a month.

You're probably thinking, it is not a sleepover, because we have to go to school, but you see, it's the summer holidays, so BOOM! Ha! Ha! Yay!.. Back to the story.

Matilda and I heard something. It sounded like a baby crying. Me and Matilda got our gumboots and raincoats and went out to see what was going on. We opened the door. A baby zoomed in.

At first, Matilda and I thought the baby was cute and funny. Then, another baby zoomed in. The two babies looked exactly like each other. They stood up and said, "we will get our revenge. We will destroy you!"….

Excerpt from Chloe Manzin (3/4H)



One spooky Halloween night, I knocked on the door. I found a note, it said," never go to next door,       because the demons, werewolves and Dracula are there."

I said," that can't be real!" So, I went next door.

I knocked on the door. A big ghost answered the door. I screamed and dropped my candy. I picked it up, but before I knew it, the door slammed shut, and I was stuck in the house.

On my way up the squeaky stairs a skeleton started to talk to me." Hi mate!" he said…..

By Ruby Caruso (2/3W)



Stephen opened the door to his house and, POW!-An alien mummy, and its pet gooey monster were having a party in Stephen's house.

They grabbed Stephen, but the gooey monster     accidentally grabbed him too quickly and the       monster's arms stretched like elastic. Then, it pulled Stephen really quickly and he landed on his belly.

Stephen wiggled around until the gooey monster popped……

By James Blease (2/3W)



One day, there was a boy named Gary, who loved ice cream. His mum gave him blobs of ice cream for lunch.

One boring day, Gary visited his grandmother, to stay for a week. He started exploring in his grandma's house. All of a sudden, he found a strange door that he had never seen before.

"Booo!" said grandma.

Gary turned around and saw her. "Can I open this door?" said Gary.

"No!!" replied grandma.

"Why not?" asked Gary.

"Because, there is something behind the door that you like, but it tastes bad."

Gary didn't listen, so he opened the door. He saw nothing at all. He went inside and saw…. A BIG BLOB OF ICE CREAM!!

Gary walked closer and closer, and tapped the blob of ice cream. It started chasing Gary.

Gary ran past a lot of heaters that were all turned on. The more he ran past the heaters, the more the ice cream melted. Then, the ice cream was gone….

 By Ella Marshall (2/3W)


Story starter sketch by Cayden Hawley 2/3W




Phil was coming home from work, and he saw that the door was locked. His wife, Sophie opened the loud door. It made a very creaky noise. Phil slowly walked inside to a dark room. He felt like someone was watching him. "SURPRISE! Happy birthday Phil!" The people shouted.

Standing in the middle of the room was Phil's big birthday cake. The cake was as big as a hotel room, with all the colours of the rainbow. There was green icing with sprinkles on top, and strawberries all around the layers…..

By Kendall Paige (2/3W)



One day when I was doing my homework about the war. I was looking at images on the computer, when…. The computer sucked me in!

It's sucked me into a picture that I really didn't want to see again. It was dusty with bodies           everywhere.

A person came up behind me in a green suit and said," you're in the wrong place kid-you're in the middle of a war-now get down!" He grabbed me and pulled me to the ground. So, that's what all the bodies on the ground were for, I thought. Instead of being in history, I am history!

After that, luckily I made it to their base-MASH 4007.

When we got there, the person in the green suit said," where's your home?"

I replied, "Australia-Deniliquin, Old Morago Road."

"Australia!" He said. "Where is Australia? I know where Deniliquin is, but Australia….?"

Then, I just remembered that I was in the past.

I said," I mean Terra Nullius!"…….

Clever ideas from by Chloe Manzin (3/4H)



Matilda Dickie's sister disappeared into the computer and a duck replaced her.

Paraya Moore was playing Mortal Kombat and when the round was finished, a loud bang came from the console. The scorpion came out and burned down all the walls.

Sean Richards was playing Call of Duty and the computer was alive. The dark King was powerful and only the killer king could stop him.

Tom McKern spawned a zombie on a village, and the zombie scared all the villagers away.


Story Starter sketch by Paraya Moore 3/4H


One day, Barney decided to go to the zoo. He started his car and took off. He couldn't wait to get there, because he loves gorillas.

When he arrived, he pulled out his camera, and after a while, he finally got to the gorillas' cage. All day he had been waiting to do this. But, he soon got very mad because the gorillas were sleeping.

So, Barney climbed the fence and woke them up. The gorillas got angry and beat him up. Barney went flying through the air. Bang!.....

By Brodie Barlow 3/4H



One day a super, evil villain called Doctor Sinister found Godzilla. Doctor Sinister said, "Let's team up to take over the world and Planet Titanium.

There were three boys walking past and they heard what  he said. The boys names were Ben, Harley and Charlie. They were secret agents so they went after them in their jets.

The boys had flame throwers, assault rifles and tasers. They first went to planet Titanium.

When Charlie, Harley and Ben arrived, there were flames  everywhere. The aliens on Planet Titanium were terrified out of their lives......

By Harley Hicks 2/3W