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Great Ideas Reading Level 6


I woke from bed and walked out of my sun-dazzled room. As I got ready that morning I heard a tapping noise. I opened the kettle and POW! A clear, light-blue blob of water jumped out. It had no legs and a snail-like body. Its head had small indents.I was absolutely speechless. I tried to grab it but my hands went straight through it. Suddenly it jumped off the bench and SPLATT, all over the floor. It made a sucking noise and sucked itself up into some shape and scrambled out the door, where the dogs chased it away. I never saw it again!

By Rachel Nisbet


Did you know that most dentists-99.99% of them in fact-recommend chewing gum after eating, as it keeps teeth and gums healthy?-Well, if dentists think that, then they are absolutely right. Gum helps your brain work faster. It keeps you occupied and it lasts forever.

Would you like your brain to work 50% faster? If you would, then you had better get some gum. People who don't chew gum at school have a very low brain capacity. So, if you want fantastic test results, get gum.

If you're sitting at the computer with nothing to do, gum is the only solution. If you're bored, sitting in a dark classroom listening to a 3 hour long, educational film about how to sharpen a pencil, just grab your gum, start chewing, and all will be fixed. Also, if you forget your lunch you can have something to chew on. If your school has a pool and it has a lino floor the gum can be used for a temporary repair….Excerpt By Elly Stringer