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Great Ideas Reading Level 4


I pick the little monster up, put it in the toilet and tell it," you're in a spa. Would you like to turn the bubbles on?"

As soon as the monster nods its head, I press flush, and go and lie down and watch TV, and think about how brave I was to get rid of it forever…or, so I thought!


By Isabel Osborne


Today I bought an extra large milkshake, just for me. Yep! That's right, for me.

And just as I was going to take a drink, Bob the bully came up and said," that's a nice milkshake!"

"Yeah, it is. Its strawberry flavoured." I said, "Want some?"

"I want it all!" he said.

"Okay!" I said.

So I opened the lid and I poured it all over him. Then, I turned and ran for my life!!!!

By Cameron Robinson