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School Productions

Over the years there have been many dazzling productions featuring students and the ever-popular 'Teacher Revue'. These powerhouse productions include:

From the 1970s and 80s (not in order):

Plaited Tails

The Sound of Music

Fiddler on the Roof (1974)

Oklahoma (1975)

Oliver (1976)

Paradise Island

2000: You Must Remember This

2003: Around the World

2005: The Roy and HG Special

2007: Better Homes and Getaways Aussie Dance Idol

2009: A Hitch-Hikers' Ride Through the Universe

2011: Country Roundup

2013: North’s Got Talent

2015: Great Northern Land-Oz TV 1 (see video hits for clips)

2017: Chase for a Champion-A Sporting Spectacular

2019: Rock of Ages

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