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Great Ideas Reading Level 3


Snags was chasing his tail as quick as a rocket. He bit his tale by accident. He howled so loud the moon shattered.

Suddenly, a giant spider picked him up and spun him round and round.

Then the spider fell asleep.

Snags snuck his way out and he was in a whopper of a knot.

By John Allitt


Santa forgot about Christmas. He thought it was a holiday, so he went to bed. Then, an elf woke him up and said," it is the night before Christmas!"

As soon as Santa heard those words, he jumped out of bed. He ran to the workshop and got his bag. He shoved all the toys in, but he didn't notice that he had put a bomb in there as well. The bomb was ticking. Tick! Tock! He opened his bag and KABOOM-toys flew everywhere. But nobody knew where Santa had gone.

By Alex Hall


I saw the lion in my backyard. It was in the car doing the tango with the dogs and the guinea pigs. The lion hopped out and went on the trampoline and he was doing backflips.

When he was finished he went out of the yard and climbed the tallest tree and slid down like he was a  fireman.

He went inside and got my tea-set out and got mum's tea and poured it into the cups.

He took me and we had a tea party.

By Emily Manzin