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Number ONE Tales 2012



It was a Saturday night and it was Dad's birthday party. He was wearing a blind-fold and we were telling him where to go.

We turned around and Dad had disappeared out the front door.

Dad found himself in a lot of trouble. He could hear cheering and screaming and a loud siren rang. Dad took his blind-fold off and found   himself in the middle of the oval at the MCG.

He tried to turn and run away but he got hit in the face with the football.

The game stopped and Dad got  carried off by the ambulance officers.

Dad opened his eyes and found he was back in bed at home with a big, black eye.

Joint Construction by K/1W




Well, it was dress up day at school and I was going to school dressed up as a clown. On the bus, I played a trick on some of my friends. I said, " are you thirsty?"

They said,"yes!"

So, I gave them a glass of water and two hands popped out.

Later, when I was at school I played another trick. I said,"smell my flower!"

It squirted water.

The circus came to school. The circus people trapped me and kept me. I had to be a clown forever.

By Kira Dickie

clownIt was dress up day at school. I was dressed up as a clown. My friends were teasing me, so I planned a trick on them. I asked them to press my flower. Water came out of my flower. My friends shouted with fear. They ran around the playground. They started shouting, ‘there's a mad clown in the playground!" They shouted again and again and again. They shouted, "I don't like that clown !"

They didn't stop shouting. I sat down and I thought,' next time I am dressing up, I will dress up as a monster!'

By Olivia Manzin


I got on the bus and I played a trick on my friend. I said, "sniff my flower! "

I had a horn with me and a water flower. I squirted my friend and honked in her ear. Then, I honked the horn at everyone and I squirted water at everyone.

After school, the circus began and I did a demonstration but I did something wrong. I set the bomb off. I got into big trouble.

By Hannah Dunmore


Well, it is dress up day at school. I'm dressing up as a clown.

When I got on the bus, I saw my friend, Kira. I tricked Kira. I had a pie and I pied Kira in the face. It was funny.

When I got to school I said to Jemma, "smell my flower!"

 She came close to the flower and it sprayed water at her. It was funny.

After school, I went to the circus. The circus people saw me in my clown suit. They wanted me to join the circus. So I did, and I stayed there forever.

 By Sophie Murray


There was a secret monster potion.

Something happened. BANG!

I suddenly turned into a wizard. My nose went red and grew long, long, long, long. Then my feet began to grow and grow. Then I started to go slobber, slobber. I got a pimple on my nose. I was very sticky and I had rotten teeth.

 I was so embarrassed when I went to pony club.

 By Hannah Dunmore