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Tall Tales 2012


I woke up and looked around my bedroom. Why was my bed so big?

 I climbed down the blankets carefully and wriggled over to the mirror. "Ahhh! What has  happened to me?" I screamed." I am a worm! A yucky worm! How did this happen?"

It must have been when my grandma gave me that  cupcake with a little cover picture of a worm on it!

My mum walked into the room and looked at me and squealed," its a worm!"

She grabbed me, ran outside and threw me. I saw shadows swooping.

By Zara Lindeman


A glass of some green goo was on the table in front of me. Cloudy steam was coming out. What does Mr Sambo, my science teacher, expect me to do with this stuff? Drink it? Probably.

 I look around at my classmates, already leaving the room for recess.

I hold the glass up my mouth, close my eyes and gulp it down.

The last image I see is Mr Sambo, shaking his head and mouthing the word, NO, and wailing his arms around like a bird. I obviously was not supposed to drink that stuff.

Anyway, too late now.

I hear a whizzing noise and I fall to the ground in a faint…

Excerpt By Lucy Metcalfe


 I was at the newest restaurant in town, called 'Crab Claw'. It was a seafood restaurant.

 I ordered the  nicest drink that I could see on the menu. I took a great big sip.

Whoosh! All of a sudden, I was a scary-looking, vicious monster with green pus dripping down my face.

Everyone was looking at me. I rushed out of the restaurant….

 Excerpt by Sophie Hodge


I was a great scientist who made a life changing creation. I smelt it, sipped it and then I skulled it. I turned into a monster. I had blue muscles and four eyes and a killer appetite…

Excerpt By Jarrod Rothwell


The scientist has me strapped to the chair and he is pouring potion down my throat. The pain is excruciating.

I watch in the mirror as my head gets bigger and horns pop out of my head. I'm hideous!

Mum still makes me go to school and it's a nightmare. I get bullied heaps, but I can play footy really well….

Excerpt By Ben North


The last thing I remembered was my brother, Billy, pointing a pistol at my head, and then, yellow goo coming out. After that, everything blacked out.

When I woke up, everything looked as if it had been covered in beautiful, silver mist. Strange, silver creatures with wings,    hovered above my head, talking to one another in high-pitched voices.

 I looked at their ivory lips and indigo eyes. I looked at my arm. It was silver, like those elf-like creatures. I look behind me. I had wings-long, silver, magical wings!

 When I looked around, I saw silver, winged horses, glowing against the dark, night sky.

One looked at me, it's dark brown eyes full of kindness, its tail and mane flying with the wind. He whinnied and galloped in my direction.

I stood, frozen, unable to move...

Excerpt from Lucy Metcalfe