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One for Fun (Grade 1)



Sharks can eat seals at sea and jump out of the sea. They can send their smell, and smell things. Sharks also eat people and surfers. Sharks have about two hundred sharp teeth.

By Tom McCallum 


Message in a Bottle

Please help me!-I am going to be sick and I am going to vomit. The sea is rough and the sea is black. Send me a boat and send me a bed and send me some clothes and a blanket and pillow.

By Bella Lewis



                            The Magic Forest

Once upon a time, a little girl walked into a magic forest. She saw a castle with stars all around it. She went inside the castle and saw a magical prince. She fell in love with him. The prince saw her and got his wand out. He waved it and turned her into a frog. When she was turned into a frog, she didn't know she was a frog. So she just hopped away.

After she went outside, she saw lots and lots of frogs waiting for her. She was very surprised when she looked around and saw that all the people had been turned into frogs. She started to scream really loudly. She saw that even the prince had turned into a frog.

Written by Samantha Hughes



Chocolate is good because it is yum. Chocolate is best because it is sweet and gives you energy. My favourite chocolate is caramel and it is the tastiest ever sweet treat.

By Sophie Willis 1/0