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Great Ideas Reading Level 5


"Oh no!" Santa said, as he opened the sack. "I have the wrong sack!"

"Whose is it?" asked Rudolph.

"I think its the Easter Bunny's!" exclaimed Santa.

"I think its from the Bunny manure factory!" said Rudolph, holding his nose.

"Why do you say that?" Santa asked.

"Well... One...It smells!....And.....Two...It says, 'Rabbit Manure Factory' on the side," said Rudolph.

So, they took it back and Xmas was postponed to the next day.

By Sarah Cochrane


School children around Australia are calling for bubblegum to be allowed at school. I believe that bubblegum is rubbish. –Why?- Because it can cause injury, it is a huge health hazard and it is really fattening.

In my opinion bubblegum can cause injuries such as someone might get stuck on a piece of discarded gum and fall over and hurt themselves.

As well as that, you might blow a big, bubble and it might POP and get in your eyes and blind you. You might be chewing gum while you're playing sport and trip and fall, and it might go straight down into your throat and you will choke.

Apart from that, it is a giant health hazard because someone might pick off an old piece that has been sitting there collecting germs for months, even years, and get a cold if they eat it. Many birds and other animals come into the school looking for food. If they eat the bubblegum it will get stuck in their throat and it may kill them….Excerpt By Amelia McCrabb