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Very Tall Tales 2016



Errol woke up to the sound of Louise's cooking. It was a bright, warm Sunday, and Errol was looking for an adventure.

He showered, got dressed, skimmed a comb through his mullet and beard, and walked with style to his wife.

"Morning love," greeted Louise. "Would you like some pancakes before you go?"

"Nah!" Called Errol. "I'll catch you later darl!" And without saying another word, Errol took a red apple without looking and whacked it into his pocket.

Errol didn't get very far before having the occasional attack of gas (as per usual), and then, wanting to eat something. Suddenly he remembered the apple he packed that morning.

As Errol reached down to grab the red apple from his pocket, the apple fell onto the dusty road of death (aka Albert Street), and bounced straight up again and landed in Errol's cupped hands.

Then, Errol noticed something different about the apple. He was so shocked, that he announced to himself that he was colour blind-it wasn't red-it was orange!

"A bouncy, orange apple," whispered an amazed Errol.

He started playing with it and jumping alongside it; and even studying it. Errol quickly forgot about his hunger and remembered that he had to get home for dinner, so he carried the orange apple home.

On the way, Errol had his hunger pains back again. The pains were so strong, he forgot about his discovery and ate the orange apple.

When Errol got home he 'let fluffy off the chain', and did a large burp. He sat down in the kitchen and ate his dinner. After that, he went to bed.

The next morning, Errol woke up to the sound of the possums on the roof. It was a cold, dark Monday and Errol did not want to have an adventure. Instead, he decided to go to work.

He showered, got dressed, blow-dried his hair and walked sluggishly to the breakfast table. There, on the table, in the fruit bowl, sat a purple pear.

By Sophie Bashford (6S)




Every night I lay awake wondering how did it come to this. My name is Zach Freeman. I am a 24-year-old gaming designer and this is my story.

It was winter-the perfect time to play video games because it's horrible weather.

I took the bus to work and started working on equipment to make you feel like you're actually in the game. I noticed a box on my desk, but this was no ordinary box; this was the biggest box I had ever seen. A note was stuck on it. It said, "your dearest friend!"

I opened it. At first I thought it was a joke, because it had about 1000 foam things inside, but, as I went deeper I found a very small box; a box smaller than a computer chip…..

Excerpt from Dan James (6S)




Have you ever had a life that feels like a dream? A nightmare, where you're the only one who               understands you? You're alone, no one to help you, no one to ask a question, and no one to talk to. This is what my life is like and here's my story.

There is a land far, far away that was made by gods before time was invented. This is a place where the extraordinary is just ordinary. There are mountains that break the atmosphere and caves that reach to the core of this majestic, mythical and mysterious place…..

Excerpt by Charlie Dudley 6S




I always wished to have sparkly, glittery and  DEELICIOUS milk, but I don't have to wish any more. Today is my very first day on the job. I have to eat lots of glitter grass though, so it makes my milk sparkly-although I do get a bad tummy ache, if I eat too much in one mouthful. Oh, I'm the luckiest glitter-cow ever!

Every morning, I wake up at precisely 6:04 AM, eat glitter grass for one hour, and then the fairies come and milk me. I know what you're thinking-why do fairies want glittery milk? Well, actually they need it to build things, grow things, sell things and make   potions etc.

I love to help as much as I can….

Excerpt by Tabitha Napier 6S



….. The rain sounded like bullets hitting the deck. Waves smashed the ship with anger. I walked to the back of the boat and then it happened. I fell  overboard. I did not know how to swim. Everything went black.

I awoke on grass, wondering what happened, my mind spinning. Then, a figure approached me. I couldn't make it out until it was close. It was a bull, but no ordinary bull. It was walking on two legs like a        human….

Excerpt by Dan James 6S

mouse                                                                                             fish


… Visualise this!-A small, yellow fish floating in a fishbowl, going round and round. Now, imagine a kung-fu mouse, entertaining you and make you dinner like ratatouille, and making life easy.

It would seem, that the world has gone mad because goldfish are absolutely stupid, losing their memory every three seconds….

By Tom Cochrane 6S


... Goldfish are quite low maintenance. They don't have to be fed three times a day, only once! When you go away, you must find a mouse-sitter for your mice. Now, who wants to look after a high        maintenance pet like a mouse?

Mice are pests! Even if they are kept in a cage, they will find a way to chew themselves out. Mice are   machines, and I don't mean that in a good way. If they get out, they are sure to end up, in a mouse trap.

By Samantha Hughes 6S


Which is the better pet; a goldfish or a mouse?....Hmmmm!... Goldfish obviously! Who would want a mouse? For hundreds of years, humans have evolved to hate these disease-infested, food-stealing rat bags, and now, they are thinking of having them as a pet. How disgusting!

……. Moreover, mouse waste can be left in places where we would not expect it to be. Under the sofa, inside beds, IN THE FRIDGE!!! These are all places that the unsanitised, disgusting mouse can hide their; ‘smaller than a rice grain', poo…

By Sophie Bashford 6S


… Mice are interactive, not like goldfish. Mice can sit on your shoulder, or play with you, whereas goldfish just swim around in a bowl, making bubbles….

By Luke Learmonth 6S



"BURP!" The fridge vomited up the double, choc-chip, special ice cream into the microwave, and then the microwave turned on. I mean, who does that? "And WHY?" I howled. Then, the fridge and the            microwave noticed that I'd been watching.

"Get him!" Projected the radio, as it jumped on the scanner and used its aerial as a jousting stick. I'd always hated that radio, and this was just the right excuse to demolish it with my seven- iron golf club.

I swung all the way back, and then I thrust my arms forward, but there was no golf stick. The toaster had grabbed it with its power cord….

By Charlie Dudley 6S


...The kettle whistled at me furiously; the sink draining my thoughts of escape. And then, there's the     toaster, feeding me with fear. What was I supposed to do, tell them to stop?....

By Tabitha Napier 6S


…. His stomach growled like a million wolves, as all the doors to the cupboard began to open.

James bolted faster than a cheetah, as he ran to the side of the fridge.......terrified!

By Phoebe Fitzmaurice 6S


…. All of a sudden, the toaster started eating the bread. The oven was turning on and off. The kettle started boiling and the fridge ate all of the food. What was Bill going to do?.....LATER, after Bill had turned off the power….. He put everything back, and turned the power back on. Bill decided that he was never using the toaster ever again.

By Charlotte Strong 6S


Here I am, behind the sofa, hiding from my kitchen. It's alive. The fridge is hungry and the knives need sharpening.

This all started when I was cooking my favourite lunch; baked beans. Instead of pressing 40 seconds, I pressed 40 minutes. I fell asleep, and the noise of the baked beans exploding woke me up….

By Tom Cochrane 6S


….. The toaster came alive. It kept on eating all of the toast. It tried to bite my fingers.

The washing machine came alive too. It was eating the clothes, and it got out of the PowerPoint. It was cartwheeling around the house….

By Sam Dudley 6S        


Crack! Bang! Footsteps coming. The chill went from my foot to my head, in a flash. With two fences either side, there was no escape from whatever was coming. Bear cage on one side, a lion cage on the other. Without thinking, I jumped into the bear cage.

I realised, there was no turning back. I saw the sign saying, ‘Big Momma'. The sign started moving backwards. I tripped on something brown; big and brown….

Nice sentence beginnings throughout by Tom Cochrane 6S



Bang! Crash! Pow! Barney heard a pack of elephants stamping through the zoo, so he went to find some cover, so he wouldn't get squashed.

He went down an alley in the zoo, but it was a dead end, so he sat in the corner of the alley and hoped for the best.

Then, when he heard that the elephants had been put back in their cages he stood up and went to walk away, but heaps of monkeys jumped out of the bins and all of the dumpster-monkeys stole his              accessories, and then, jumped back into the dumpsters and bins….

By Luke Learmonth 6S