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North 'School Rules'

The Deniliquin North School Rules are outlined below:

Students are required to:

Respect the rights, feelings and property of others


  • no stealing
  • no put-downs
  • no bullying

Act in a way that does not harm or endanger anyone


  • no violence
  • move in a sensible and safe way
  • no weapons

Obey playground rules and remain in designated areas


  • don't climb trees
  • ask teacher for permission to fetch a ball in out of bounds area
  • play safely
  • do not enter a classroom during breaks, unless permitted

Cooperate in class and not prevent or impede the learning of others


  • no back answering
  • hands up to respond when asked
  • follow directions
  • no running in classroom

Conform to DET expectations and requirements


  • hand in notes for excursions (no note/no go)
  • don't leave grounds unless permitted

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