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Fairy Tales (Grades 4-6)

Fairy Tales below include:




By Bridie Howe

Once upon a time, in a castle above the clouds, there lived a beautiful princess. She owned a purple unicorn that loved the song, ‘Party Rock Anthem.'

Every morning the princess would sing a song from, ‘Party Rock Anthem' and her unicorn would appear. They would ride off together to pick strawmangmelons. Strawmangmelons were strawberries, mangoes and watermelons squished together to form a love heart shape and they only came out in the Spring.

When they had finished picking strawmangmelons of a morning, the princess and her unicorn would arrive back at the castle, where her grandma was awaiting her. The princess' grandma was old, very old. It was almost her time to leave. The princess would always bake a strawmangmelons pie for her grandma's lunch.

One day the princess sang for her unicorn but he was nowhere to be seen. She left the castle to look for him. The princess couldn't go too far or she would fall off the cloud.

All of a sudden, the princess wasn't looking where she was going and she slipped off the cloud.

The princess was found unconscious by the unicorn. Luckily, she had a soft landing on a pile of leaves.

The princess woke up and saw her unicorn. She got up and dusted herself off. As she turned around to ride her unicorn, he was gone, disappeared, vanished.

‘Where did he go?' the princess thought to herself. The princess had never walked alone before. She searched and searched and sang and sang until she reached a bridge; an old, green, brick bridge. Before she could step foot on the bridge, two identical gorillas jumped up in front of her.

"Who do u think you are? Trying to cross our bridge!" yelled the grumpy gorillas.

"I am looking for my purple unicorn. Have you seen him?" asked the princess. The gorillas didn't reply. They were too busy rubbing their bellies and licking their lips.

"Do you know what we really love eating?- Little girls with lovely gold locks!" said the hungry gorillas, walking towards her.


"STOP RIGHT THERE!" yelled a voice coming from the forest. A tiny man, only 90cm tall, came barging through the bushes holding a large sword.

The incredibly small man started fighting the gorillas off.

"Run, princess, run!" he shouted.

The princess ran for her life, falling over prickle bushes and logs but arrived at a little cottage, the size of her closet.

"Knock! Knock! Knock!"

"Is anyone home?" yelled the princess.

The door screamed open, but no-one was there. The princess invited herself in. The princess was horrified at the state this cottage was in. She grabbed a large stick and twirled all the spider webs around it like fairy floss. She mopped the floor and tidied everything up.

 After all her hard work she sat down with a cup of tea as if it was her own house. On her last sip of her tea, the door crashed open. A bloody, little man came barging in with two gorilla heads in one arm and a blood-dripping sword in the other.

As soon as the little man laid eyes on the princess, he dropped his jaw and released his weapons.

"Um... Ahh... What are you doing in my house? Not that I mind!" questioned the little dwarf.

"I'm injured and need a place to rest," exclaimed the princess. "And here, was the closest place."

They both sat down in the dwarf's uncomfortable chairs and ate some dreadful cookies.

After two days with the dwarf, the princess got quite attached. She loved the fact that nothing had to be perfect, and that's how it was. The princess felt feelings for the little man and decided she wanted to be with him forever.




Excerpt by Emma McCallum

Izzy sat on her bed braiding her long golden-brown hair, wishing for a better home. Downstairs, she heard the Evil Witch calling her name. It was an absolutely bone chilling call-a call that would send shivers up your spine and freeze your blood if you heard it. For years, eight to be precise, Izzy had lived with the Evil Witch in her gloomy, cob-webbed house. She had been taken from her parents when she was two, God knows why, to be her slave.

As Izzy slumped down the creaky old stairs, she saw George; the witch's other slave and her best friend, her only friend. He was feeding the Evil Witch's disgusting water goblin, Finger-Biter. George was feeding him goose brains for breakfast.

"Morning Izz," Grimaced George. "I`m sure these goose brains aren't, um, you know, well not very nice do you think?"

"Well, they don't smell too good, do they?" Laughed Izzy, holding her nose. "Bye!"

Izzy continued her journey downstairs to see what that horrible old witch wanted. When she finally got downstairs, she found the Evil Witch stirring her rusty, old cauldron. A fine, purple vapour was pouring out of the top of the cauldron. It was also giving off a fiery stench.

"Where have you been, you blistering, little gumboil?" Grumbled the witch.

Izzy shrugged.

"Answer me!" The Witch roared and using her magic, she turned Izzy upside-down in mid-air.

When Izzy didn't answer she started jerking her from side to side. Still, Izzy didn't answer, so the old witch made her drop to the floor with a THUD!

"Right," cackled the old witch. "I want you to clean the floor, wash the dishes and prune my, ‘King of Thorns' bush, and to add to that, I want my lunch made by the time I get home."

Izzy said nothing as the old witch left the room and she watched as the old hag soared up into the air on her broom.

Izzy sighed. She went to the sink, filled it up with water and got the mop.

Just then, Izzy noticed that the witch had left her wand behind. She went over and quickly grabbed it. Izzy had a brilliant idea. She picked up the wand, waved it and pointed it at the window. The window smashed!

Izzy, quickly put the wand down and decided to mop the floor by hand. As she mopped back and forth, she heard a stomping and snorting noise outside. She ventured outside with curiosity. Then, before her very eyes, she saw a beautiful, glistening, silver, majestic unicorn. It's beautiful, silver mane drifted in the warm breeze and her gleaming, white coat shone so brightly it was almost blinding. But, it was her horn that shone the brightest. The gorgeous animal put her velvety nose up against Izzy's cheek and a soft, strange voice said, gently,"my name is Snow. I have come to save you from that beastly witch."

Izzy stared in amazement.

" Get George and then we can go," said Snow.

Izzy raced to get George. George dumped the rest of the goose brains in the tank, burying Finger Biter. They raced out of the room, down the outside stairs and ran into Snow.

George gasped and stared, and then he also heard the gentle voice in his head.

"Hop on!"

Izzy heard it too. Snow bent down and they both got on. Then, in a big whoosh, they took off at a remarkable pace. Everything was a blur, as they soared past farms and towns. Izzy's cheeks stung from the cold as she lent forwards and rested her head on Snow's soft mane. Izzy gradually fell asleep……



 Excerpt By Tallulah McKenzie 

WARNING: This story may, or may not be based on actual people.

In a place far, far away there was a land named Fortona, a place filled with faith, trust and pixie dust, and in Fortona a wedding was taking place. Prince Harry Clockamockalocka II, son to the king, was marrying his beloved. Her name was Princess Isabella Clamenella, daughter to a ruler of a nearby land.

The wedding was spectacular, having been created by two of the richest men alive. There were elegant white chairs and tables with a single rose for the center piece. It was all on a beach with the waves crashing behind them. Despite the hot sun there were ice sculptures galore, created by the most famous sculptor in the world who can make ice never melt.

Princess Isabella was wearing the most beautiful dress imaginable with white lace and elaborate, flower designs. The trail was so long you could fit a dragon's body and tail on it and still see to its trailing end. The wedding was going smoothly until the priest was saying his last words….

"You may now ki…." began the priest.

"Ohh! This wedding is so boring!" interrupted an unknown voice from somewhere in the crowd. Everyone turned and stared at who might have spoken.

All of a sudden, a lady dressed in ragged, black robes emerged from the sea of people and started strutting down the aisle.

"I mean! Isn't this a waste of time? So far, the first two wives that Prince Harry has had, have died in child birth or divorced him because they apparently, ‘didn't love him anymore'," continued the lady in black.

As she reached the stage on which the priest, groom and bride were standing, her face became clear for everyone to see. Think of the most ugly face you have ever seen and times that by a hundred, and you won't even get close to how ugly she was! Her face was bulging with thousands of warts, the size of bottle lids and the little bits of skin you could see between the warts was shriveled up like an old prune. Her beady eyes were bloodshot and her lips were as cracked as broken glass.

"I believe that Prince Harry should prove that he will be a good husband, don't you think?" cackled the lady.

By then there were guards surrounding the whole perimeter of the wedding….



Excerpt by Chelsea Heagney

Once upon a time, there lived a young girl named Snow Black. Snow Black lived in a small house in Naomi, with her mother and her sister, Sophie. One day,  Snow woke up to a large, banging noise coming from under her bed. Snow decided to look under her bed and see what was under there. Under her bed was her sister Sophie, playing with Barbies and making them kiss.

"Yuck," Snow said.

"Morning," Sophie said. "Mum has made pancakes for breakfast."

Snow got out of bed and went into the kitchen. Snow could smell the beautiful-smelling fragrance of the pancakes with rich, maple syrup poured all over the top.

"Good morning sweetheart! There are pancakes on the bench. They should still be warm," said Snow's mother.

Snow sat down at the table and munched into the pancakes like a lion that hadn't eaten for a month. After she was finished, she went to her room and found Sophie playing with Snow's favourite teddy that she had had since she was a baby. Snow started going off at Sophie telling her to give it back and that she should play with her own toys. Sophie said no, so Snow went and told her mother, but her mother just told her to go outside and cool off for a while.

Snow Black went outside and sat on the swing. She wished that someone would just take her away to a magical land with fairies and queens.

Suddenly the willow tree in the backyard started talking about some fairies and then big, blue eyes were staring right at Snow. Snow was so scared that she jumped and fell off the swing.

"Snow Black! You have made a wish for someone to take you away to a magical land with fairies and queens, so I am here to make your wish come true," said a kind,young fairy.


"Please don't scream child. I'm here to make your wish come true. Come over here," said the fairy.

The fairy shrunk Snow Black down until she was at least about 2cm tall. The fairy grabbed onto Snow's hand and took her inside the willow tree.

"Come meet the Fairy Queen. She loves visitors but if she likes you, you might be able to stay forever."

Moments later, Snow Black was face to face with the Queen.

"Your majesty, I have brought you that little girl that you could hear crying in the backyard." said the nice fairy.

"Excellent, now you can go and let me have a look at this young girl."

"Yes your majesty."

"Now, what is your name and how old are you?"

"My name is Snow Black and I am 13 years old. Why have you called me here?"

"That's not important! The important thing is that now you are here in my palace you can't destroy me. I will destroy YOU! You see this mirror? It is a magic mirror and it tells me what will happen in the future. The mirror told me that you will try to take over my Kingdom but now that you're here, you can't. Guards! Take Snow Black to the dungeons and never let her out! EVER!"

Three long years passed, and Snow Black spent her days and nights, sitting in her cell in the dungeon.

Suddenly, one day, the guard outside her cell, collapsed to the floor. This was Snow's chance. She got up and reached for the keys in the guard's deep pockets.

She grabbed them and unlocked her cell and sneaked out.

When she was free, she ran out of the castle and set out to find a horse that she could use. She found one and as soon as she got on it, the guards saw her and chased after her. But, they could not catch Snow Black, so they went to the Queen and told her what had happened.

"NOOOOO!" screamed the Queen. "I have just received information that her heart is valuable. GO AND FIND HER!".......




Interesting Ideas From Chloe Fishlock

One morning,  Tipsy the troll was grunting through the enchanted swamp. The swamp was gloomy and gunky and it smelt like a dead carcass. The swamp was filled with moss and mould. It was massively disgusting.Meanwhile at Garden Castle, Princess Penelope was trying to make her garden grow. "Oh! Its just no use!" she said miserably. "How does mother make her garden grow?"

(….Penelope is suddenly put into a deep sleep by the evil, King James and Mison the wizard has the job of waking her…..)

 "Oh! I just can't seem to get my magic potion right," Mison the wizard yelled and stamped his feet like a person in a marching band.

He had once made a kid's head turn into a pumpkin and his whole house smelt like pumpkin. His parents were so sick of smelling pumpkin that they decided to make pumpkin soup out of his head…….



An Interesting Beginning From Tom Thorpe

One morning, at the crack of dawn, Joe the Prince was riding by a dark, dark, creepy castle where Queen Victoria lived. She was the most powerful queen in all the land. Joe's dad, King Arthur the first, was trying to destroy her. Each time that he'd tried, he'd lost lots of men.

In the morning, of March 3, 1699, a villager came to King Arthur and said, "Queen Victoria is torching our village."

So, King Arthur the first, decided to attack Queen Victoria in her palace at night…..






Excerpt By Sophie Stringer

It was bone-chilling, ear-piercing, gloomy and dark. The magic mist thundered over the hills. It just so happened to be coming towards a princess who was going for her usual morning walk.

 Close behind her followed her dog, Bananas. Bananas felt a chill tickle up his spine, like a spider on its web, as he felt the mist. The mist nipped the end of his paw. He yelped, as a long, yellow-gloved hand reached out and pulled him into the magic mist.

The princess turned around, and as she did she was also grabbed by the long, yellow-gloved hand, and she was also pulled into the magic mist, where she fell into a deep trance. 

"MMMM where am I?"  moaned the princess.

"Don't worry love; you just hit your head," said a mysterious, and evil voice.

Bananas started to bark loudly.                                   

"Get down, you mangy mutt," bellowed a strange voice.

As the princess and Bananas walked, they could hear loud boots dragging along the old, wet and cold ground and wicked giggles getting fainter and fainter as the strange, unseen men walked away.

"How will I ever get out of here?" cried the princess.

Suddenly, there was a loud,"WIPP." It echoed through the air…..



By Darren Bassett

One day in the kingdom of Bunnaloo, Princess Big Nose was doing the thing that she normally does, mucking around, when suddenly the king came out and told Princess Big Nose off for punching the maids.

"I am sick and tired of you punching the maids!"

The king locked the Princess away in the tower.

"I will let you out of this tower when you stop hurting the maids."

Days and days went on and on. The Princess never learned. Every time the king let Princess Big Nose out, she always hurt the maids.

One day the king threw Princess Big Nose out of the kingdom. Princess Big Nose got on her horse and rode off into the magical forest. As Princess Big Nose rode past a funny looking tree she found a wicked witch's house. Princess Big Nose knocked on the door. The wicked witch answered the door. Princess Big Nose said to the witch, "do you have any potions that can change my dad into a bad man?"

The wicked witch reached over to grab a magical potion, but as she did, the princess punched the wicked witch in the temple and knocked her out.

Princess Big Nose grabbed the potion and rode away on her horse. She rode back to the kingdom of Bunnaloo, and ran into the dining room and forced the potion down the king's throat. The king turned into an ugly, hairy, scary grizzly bear and stayed that way forever.



Excerpt By Lucy Metcalfe

One fine day, two beautiful children were born; their names were Matilda and Alice.

Matilda was born to two great parents, Charlotte and Jasper. Matilda had dark skin for a fairy, matching lovely, dark, bay hair with dark, brown eyes, as dark as brown can get. On her back she had a pair of lovely, blue, crystal wings. Her mother and father loved her very much. Matilda was very unique and laughed a lot.

 Alice, on the other hand, had pale skin; golden, wavy hair; blue eyes and beautiful, emerald wings. She was very outgoing and loved animals.

Every fairy in the village was different and what they looked like mattered. When a new fairy child was born, they had to be taken to the Rock Temple, where spirits poured fairy dust on them. Every fairy had to visit the Rock Temple because if they didn't, they would no longer be a fairy and their wings were taken off them. The dust also protected them from the dark dragons that hurt the fairies and invaded their lands. The dust had powers that acted as a shield, until each of the fairies was old enough to defend themselves.

Once, before it was compulsory for the dust to be poured over the fairies, a terrible incident happened.

A dragon came into the village, disguised as a magical being. It went into all the houses and stole every fairy child and devoured them all. It was very sad, but the spirits made a way to protect the fairy children. And that is how they made the dust called, ‘magic da protector'. It was very important.

 At the rock temple, relatives and friends of the fairy children gave gifts to them. The children also received a special gift from the spirits, a gift that would be very important in their life.


"I now declare this young fairy child, Matilda, a legal fairy! She will be protected from evil and remain safe!" A spirit told the small crowd. He held up the small fairy for the crowd to see. Everyone cheered and clapped as Matilda squirmed and fluttered her wings.

 The exact same ritual was done to Alice.

A guard stepped onto the platform in front of The Rock, cleared his throat and announced to the crowd, "Now, any gifts for these children are to be handed over."

People in the crowd started talking and moving, collecting their gifts in small bags made from rose petals.

"Excuse me," said a guard. "But before we proceed, the Fairy Lord himself will give a gift to the girls. He will appear today, but I will go and receive the gifts from him, first."

 The guard walked off into the Rock Temple and let the children fall into the arms of their parents as he strode away. Matilda yawned and fluttered her wings and Alice squealed and kicked out. Their parents hushed them.

 Everyone wondered what the Temple King would give Alice and Matilda. It would be important, whatever it may be.

Not long after, the spirit returned and walked nobly on to the stage, carrying a small, purple cushion, made from the moon's shadow and small daisies.

"Here are the gifts that the Grand Temple King will present to the children!" he bellowed.

Suddenly, a gust of wind swept the cushion out of the spirit's hands and from out of that strange wind, a figure materialised. The small crowd gasped. Standing there, before their very eyes was the King, himself.

His wings made an arc over his back and he had a snow-white beard, braided nicely down to his chest. He wore a tartan kilt, and his body was covered in gold and jewels.

All was silent, as the whole crowd knelt down before him…..



Excerpt By Isabelle Dudley

"Beep! Beep! Beep…!" The alarm clock is ringing and it is only 5:20!

Stinkerella rolls over and scratches her head. (You know the feeling when you don't want to get up but you have to go to work, AND your boss is really cranky, AND your head really hurts from when you banged it last night, AND your pig has been fighting with your, ‘welcoming neighbours', which kept you up until 2:00am…)

Well, at this moment in time, it would be a pretty good guess to say that this is exactly what is going through Stinkerella's head.

Stinkerella gets dressed into grubby work-clothes and feeds Muddy, her daily sewerage from yesterday. (With weekly wages like Stinkerella's, it is getting hard to feed Muddy enough sewerage every day, so Stinkerella often steals sewer from work!)

She struts out the door, onto the rubbish-filled street and strides off to work. This was to be just another day in the life of Stinkerella at the sloppy, slimy, stinky sewerage plant.

Meanwhile, Edwina Camquote is brushing (or polishing as she calls it), her delicate teeth with her gold-plated toothbrush (with diamonds embellished on the sides). You may ask why Edwina would have a gold-plated toothbrush. Well, if there's one thing you should know about Edwina, it is that she absolutely LOVES gold and diamonds. But there is also, one thing that she absolutely hates, and that is horses. She even slaughtered 11 horses, just to get some of their hair for her hair brush, but that's another story!

She squeezes into her silver-soled, silk-high heels and gets her alligator-skin handbag and cat-walks out of a jewel-encrusted door.

A short time after, she is consulting a customer who is not completely satisfied with their purchase of a diamond perfume puffer. "I know I only paid $2,000,000 for it, but I hate the way that nobody thinks it's real. Maybe you could put some gold in it or something?...Look... the bottom line is, that it's just too cheap looking, so keep the money and put it towards making a better-looking one for someone else. I'm done with it!" This certainly was a cranky customer.

"Well, like, maybe you could like, buy our new, ummm, well if you like, hate our cosmetics, then maybe like, you would be like, interested in like, a 5,000,000 carat, gold chair, that like, because  everyone hates and brings back like, we can give you a discount. I mean we can give you a discount!"Edwina stuttered, without noticing that the lady had strutted off.

 Meanwhile, Stinkerella had been asked to go and check that nothing was plugged in the pipe! Another ordinary day for both of the girls this was. You may be thinking, ‘where is this story going to go? They have absolutely nothing in common!' Well, there is one thing I think, I should tell you about these girls.... they have both dreamed of being a princess, ever since they were born, and even though they are 25 years older now, they still dream of walking around in beautiful gowns and wearing crowns.

The next morning, Stinkerella and Edwina woke up, like any other day and got dressed, only Edwina was dressed much more immaculately than Stinkerella, who was in dull and dirty sewer,‘work' clothes.

Edwina and Stinkerella went to work on the same route, however, never before had they approached each other and socialised or anything... just snarled as they passed. (In Kindergarten, Edwina always used to be the smarty pants and often teased Stinkerella. This was something that Stinkerella had always remembered.) So, on this particular morning, Stinkerella and Edwina were casually, but tensely, walking past each other, when Edwina, in her $2,000,000 prescription glasses spotted a poster saying that if anyone went to South America and kissed a frog (well it looked like a frog anyway) they would become a princess…….





Excerpt By Marzahn Schoeman


Once upon a time, there was a King and a Queen. They were middle aged. The Queen was about to have a baby. They were so excited that they were moving into their new castle by the sea. It was a pretty castle. It was the same colour as the sand by the sea. It had lots of big bedrooms. The King and Queen's bedroom was at the top of the castle. They had a nice lookout.

Many years later, they moved again because now they had a son who was 21. They moved to a grey castle by the sea and near a little town. The prince had lots of fun with friends in the town. After one of his parties he decided to go down to the beach. He sat on the sand for a while and then he saw something in the water. Something orange. He thought it was a fish, but when he looked closely, he saw that it was a mermaid. The prince was startled. He didn't think they existed.

The mermaid called the prince over. She said, if he could carry her up to the castle, she will get legs and they could get married.

The prince thought it was a great idea, because the mermaid was quite good looking and the Queen was always saying that if he doesn't get married there won't be someone next in line if the Prince died.

So, the prince carried the mermaid up to the castle gates and instantly, the mermaid had legs. The prince was so happy because now, his mother wouldn't be mad any more about him not being married.

Suddenly, the mermaid ran through the castle doors and locked the prince outside, while the guards were having lunch. The prince was surprised at what had just happened. He tried to break through the castle doors, but he couldn't……