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Tales 2U-2016



One day, Eliza was writing on the computer at school.

Suddenly, the bell rang for home time, so everyone had to shut down their computers. Eliza wanted to finish her story about, ‘Handsome and Gretel', but the teacher said, "get off the computer!" Eliza got off the computer and went home.

Once she got home, she had dinner, a shower and then got her pyjamas on, and went to bed. While she was in bed, something happened.

Eliza looked under her bed and all she could see was two, red eyes…..

Excerpt by Eliza Johnstone (2/3W)



I was camping with my mum and dad, and my sisters and brothers. We were at the river and we got to eat marshmallows. Then, we went to bed.

We heard a noise and it sounded like a wolf.


I finally got back to sleep, but I kept hearing the howling. I was sick of it. So, I got out of the tent and when I did, the wolf showed his teeth. I ran back into the tent.

I was so frightened. I was puffing and panting. I was so scared.

Mum said, "what are you doing?"….

Excerpt from Grace Clark (1/2R)




Once, there was a castle on a hill. Inside the castle lived a dragon. It had orange scales, razor sharp claws, and it breathed fire. The castle had black bricks, a death flag and a metal bridge. The dragon lived in nearly complete darkness. Whoever entered the castle would never come out. The dragon came out once a month.

When he came out, he went to eat his favourite food, which is salmon….

Excerpt from Stephen Thomas (1/2R)




One day, my mum said that I have to babysit my baby sister.

After one hour, I took my baby sister to have her nap. The problem was, my baby sister, Amy wouldn't go to sleep! So, I went to sleep instead.

When I woke up, Amy had put mashed up spinach everywhere in the kitchen. Also, she was watching the TV. Now, I had had enough.

I put up posters that said,' COME AND GET A FREE BABY!' Then, I took her to an old shop.

"I would like to hang up a poster to sell my baby sister, please." I said to the shopkeeper.

"Alright then," said the shopkeeper.

So, I hung my poster up.

"Now it's time to go home," I said to myself.

When I got home, my baby sister was crying, so I gave her a bottle of milk. Then, she fell asleep. I put her in the bedroom, and watched my favourite TV show.

All of a sudden,….

By Samara Watson (1/2R)




When I got home from school, there was a baby on the doorstep. Somebody had dropped it off.

I took it inside. Mum said," how was school darling?"

I said," good thanks mum. I found a baby outside. Can we keep it?"

"Sure, "said mum.

Just then, dad got home from work. He works at Goodyear…..Later in Jim's story…. The baby made a mess in my room, and even made a mess in the living room. The couch was ripped up and fluff was coming out of the couch. The baby was throwing the cushions around…

By Jim Jachim (1/2R)


 kidz               THE PORTAL

One day I was on the computer, playing Mini Caves, and I completed level 1. All of a sudden, the computer went black. Smoke came out!

Suddenly, a monkey came out of the computer and pulled me in.

I saw a portal. It was big. The monkey said," this is as far as I go! Go into the portal and you will be inside your game."

Then, the monkey disappeared, like magic…..

Excerpt by Samara Watson 1/2R



Once upon a time a girl was in the kitchen cooking some bacon and eggs. All of a sudden a boy put a   diamond in the kitchen, and the diamond was glowing.

The kitchen went crazy and the eggs and the yoghurt splattered everywhere….

Great start from Lucy Willis 1/2R



My name is Jack. I was in the lounge room. I felt hungry. I went in the kitchen. I saw a potion. I didn't worry about the potion; I just got some grapes and put them on the bench, but I accidentally dropped the grapes into the potion.

I took them out of the potion. I opened the bag of grapes. I don't know how, but the grapes jumped out of the bag and they had machine guns. They had very little darts. The grapes had arms and legs. They kept shooting at me.

I ran to mum and dad. They came into the kitchen and stomped on the grapes. I was saved!

An exciting story from Jim Jachim 1/2R



One day, mum and I made a cake. Later, when we were eating dinner, we heard the door open.

"Jack! Can you check the kitchen?" said mum.

When I checked the kitchen, the cake was gone!!!!

Next to the fridge was a can of spinach. When I touched it, it opened. Then, it grew legs!!

Then, cheese sticks marched and faced the spinach.

"Attack!" said the spinach can.

I ran to my room. When I got there, my lego was gone.

Then, something tapped my foot. I looked down… lego was alive!......

Sensational use of punctuation by Jack Brown 1/2R








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